Join the fight to fix the nursing workforce crisis in England

Nurses are the beating heart of our health and care services. They care for us in hospital, at our local GP surgery and even in our own homes. But shortages in England have reached alarming levels.

This means that essential care can be left undone - patients waiting in corridors and vital treatments delayed. When a service is short of staff, nurses have no option but to carry on. They do their best every day, working above and beyond, but even in a profession they love, this pressure is unsustainable.

We need investment now to recruit more nurses into the profession, and a change in law to protect nurses and patient care in the future. You can help us put pressure on the Government to fix this.

Nurses are the people’s people. And now we need to fight for them.

Sign our petition today to demand action from the Government to fix the nursing workforce crisis in England.

“I’m calling on the Government to invest in tomorrow’s nurses, end the crisis, and make clear in law who is truly accountable for safe and effective patient care.”

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